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Makary Says “Murder Of Al-Rifai Revealed Lightness Of Some Media In Making Accusations”

Caretaker Minister of Information Ziad Al-Makary considered that “the murder of Sheikh Ahmed Al-Rifai, which is reprehensible and condemned by all standards, revealed the lightness with which social media deals with sensitive and extremely serious matters of this kind.”

In an issued statement, Makary said: “As soon as the perpetrators were arrested and things began to unfold, it became clear that some of the media, particularly those who are supposed to be dedicated to civil peace and keen not to slip into prejudices, were not at the required level of professionalism and national responsibility, as they deviated from the first moment towards throwing accusations politically and chaotically, in a manner similar to incitement, pre-empting the investigation and obscuring the truth.”

He, thus, called on “everyone who engages in the media and everyone who tweets, analyzes and comments, to judge with reason and give priority to patriotism before rushing to any political accusation that is not based on reality, especially at a critical stage like this in the history of the country that requires everyone to exercise restraint and prudence before unleashing ready-made judgments in advance and imaginary speculations.”

On another note, Makary expressed his “heartfelt condolences to the family of the deceased for their painful loss,” praising “the efforts of the security forces in exposing the perpetrators to contain every sedition attempt.”


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