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NHS Coronavirus APP: Future Updates Will Warn Users If They Are Exposing Themselves To Too Many People, Developers Say


A future version of the NHS Covid-19 app could warn users if they are exposing themselves to too many people, the developers say. The app has finally launched, after months of development and extensive testing in Newham and the Isle of Wight. But other features will be coming, including a “personalised risk score” ...

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Lebanon Just Recorded Its First Successful Artificial Heart Transplant


A team of Lebanese cardiologists successfully conducted the first artificial heart transplant operation for a 22-year-old patient in Beirut. The operation, headed by the cardiothoracic surgeon Dr. Mohammad Saab, took over 12 hours to finish after 3 weeks of preparing the patient through medication. It was performed in Al-Rassoul Al-Azam Hospital in Beirut. ...

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Hariri Hospital: 25 Critical Cases, Five Recoveries


Rafic Hariri University Hospital stated on Monday, in its daily report on the latest Coronavirus developments, that the number of examinations conducted in its laboratories during the past 24 hours reached 650, and that the number of patients infected with the virus who are at the hospital for follow-up is ...

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