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Egypt President Receives Arab Information Ministers


President of Egypt, Abdelfattah Al-Sisi, received Thursday Arab Information Ministers and officials, including Caretaker Minister of Information, Manal Abdel Samad, on the sidelines of the 51st ordinary session of the Council of Arab Information Ministers. Following the meeting, Spokesperson of the Egyptian Presidency, Ambassador Bassam Radi, said: “His Excellency the ...

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Arab Information Ministers Visit Egyptian Civilization Museum, Abdel Samad says Lebanon Appreciates Egypt’s Supportive Position


Arab Information Ministers on Wednesday visited the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization in Cairo, at the invitation of the Chairman of the Supreme Council for Media Regulation, Writer Karam Jabr,.where they toured the various sections and departments of the museum. The tour began by visiting the section of the Pharaonic royal mummies, ...

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Water establishments in Lebanon launch campaign “Through cooperation we preserve water for future generations” with support of European Union and UNICEF

عبد الصمد وريمون غجر

To protect Lebanon’s precious water supply for future generations, Lebanon’s Water Institutions have partnered together to launch a new campaign, with the support of the European Union and UNICEF, to promote the importance of water as a life-saving resource and strengthen cooperation with communities across the country to protect water. ...

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Ministry of Information invites media professionals, students to virtual dialogue with CNN’s Clancy


The Ministry of Information on Monday invited media professionals and students to a virtual dialogue session titled “How to restore Lebanon’s pioneering position in freedom of opinion and expression,” under the auspices of Caretaker Minister of Information, Dr. Manal Abdel Samad Najd, and the participation of CNN’s international correspondent, Jim ...

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Information Minister: We Have Not Received Any Letter From The Poplar Movement, Our Doors Are Open To Everyone To Convey The Truth


Caretaker Information Minister, Dr. Manal Abdel Samad, issued a statement this afternoon, in which she indicated that, “groups of the popular movement announced today through the media that they are heading to the Ministry of Information to deliver to the Minister of Information a letter with their demands; however, no ...

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Abdel Samad During An LAU Lecture On Freedom Of Expression, Role Of Women In Leadership: To Uphold An Inclusive National Identity That Re-entrenches The Principles Of Equality

عبد الصمد

Caretaker Information Minister, Dr. Manal Abdel-Samad Najd, participated last Thursday in a lecture organized by the Lebanese American University in Beirut (LAU), entitled “Freedom of expression and the role of women in leadership”, in the presence of LAU Professor of Political Science and International Affairs, Dr. Imad Salamey, and a ...

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