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Robots Can Now Store Energy Like Humans In ‘Fat Reserves’ After Battery Breakthrough


A breakthrough with biomorphic batteries could allow robots to store up to 72-times more energy through a system similar to biological fat reserves. Researchers at the University of Michigan – funded by the US Department of Defense – developed a new rechargeable zinc battery that integrates into the structure of a robot ...

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GPT-3: ‘Mind-Blowing’ AI Tool Can Design Websites And Prescribe Medicine


The artificial intelligence tool GPT-3 has been causing a stir online, due to its impressive ability to design websites, prescribe medication, and answer questions. GPT-3 is short for Generative Pre-training Transformer and is the third generation of the machine learning model. Machine learning is when computers can automatically learn from their experiences ...

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Artificial Intelligence Tool Created to Predict the Structure of the Universe and Unlock the Mysteries of Dark Energy


  An artificial intelligence tool has been developed to help predict the structure of the universe and aid research into the mysteries of dark energy and dark matter. Researchers in Japan used two of the world’s fastest astrophysical simulation supercomputers, known as ATERUI and ATERUI II, to create an aptly-named ...

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Towards an era of singularity, where machines will out-think humans

الذكاء البشري الرجل الالي

SoftBank founder Masayoshi Son thinks singularity will hit humankind by 2047, while futurist Ray Kurzweil, director of engineering at Google, is betting on machines matching human intelligence by 2029 and singularity happening by 2045. SoftBank’s Vision Fund recently invested in CloudMinds, a Chinese startup developing a “cloud brain” or cloud-based ...

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