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جورج قرداحي

Kordahi: Cabinet Approved Allocation Of LBP 50 Billion To Port Explosion Victims

In the wake of the cabinet session, Minister of Information George Kordahi quoted Prime Minister Najib Mikati as stressing, while presiding over the session that “the responsibility is massive and we all shoulder it as one, and that we are working to address all problems. We have the determination and will to advance the country. During my meetings with foreign officials, I was told that many of those officials will visit Lebanon to confirm support. The government has four axes to work on, the first of which to maintain security based with the help of the army, the security forces, and the UNIFIL.”

Kordahi went on to explain that “the Cabinet had agreed to conclude a fourth grant agreement with the Kuwait Fund to respond to the crisis of displaced Syrians, and to accept a gift from France of 500,000 Pfizer vaccines. The Cabinet also asked the Minister of Finance to prepare the 2022 budget, and agreed to allocate LBP 50 billion to complete the payment of compensation to the victims of the Beirut port explosion.”

Prime Minister Mikati was also quoted as saying, “There are studies and daily work on how to return the deposits to their owners, and when the picture is complete, I will inform the Council of Ministers of the plan.”

He pointed out that “the terms of electricity plan were not discussed due to the absence of the Minister of Energy and his travels to conclude agreements to rent gas to Lebanon.”


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