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Interior Minister asks assistance of Arab countries

Lebanese Interior Minister Mohammad Fahmi asked for assistance from Arab countries Sunday, during the 37th conference of the Council of Arab Interior Ministers held in Tunis.

“I am extending my hand to my brothers who have never given up on Lebanon,” Fahmi said during his speech at the conference.

The “government of facing challenges,” is carrying economic, financial, political, environmental, and security burdens, he said, referencing Prime Minister Hassan Diab’s government that is dealing with the worst economic crisis Lebanon has witnessed in decades, in addition to a recent coronavirus outbreak.

“I came to the beloved Tunisia, carrying the concerns of the Lebanese people who are looking for the support of their brothers to be able to overcome this crisis,” he said.

Fahmi met with his Saudi counterpart Abdel Aziz bin Saud bin Nayef on the sidelines of the conference in Tunis.

He conveyed President Aoun’s greetings to the Tunisian President Kais Said Sunday.


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