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المكاري استقبل فارينا

Al-Makary Welcomes UNESCO’S Farina

Minister of Information, Ziad Al-Makary, on Friday welcomed at his ministerial office Director of the UNESCO Regional Office in Beirut, Costanza Farina, with whom he discussed a number of cooperation projects between “UNESCO” and the Ministry of Information.

For his part, Minister Al-Makary stressed that the media’s freedom of expression was “a top priority”, noting that he is against the suppression of media professionals.

“Media freedom must be protected while maintaining responsible discourse,” Al-Makary noted.

The Information Minister also pointed out that he had held a meeting with editors-in-chief, in which he stressed the freedom that journalists enjoyed while maintaining professional ethics during electoral coverage.

In turn, Farina capitalized on the ongoing  cooperation projects between “UNESCO” and the Ministry of Information and spoke about the “Media Culture Project” to raise ethical awareness and combat fake news.

As for the media law, Farina expressed willingness to cooperate by providing experts in this field. With regard to archiving, she also expressed her willingness to discuss three issues: media law, media culture, and archiving.


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