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Hariri Hospital: 3 New Infections Today, No Critical Cases

In its daily report on the latest developments of the novel Coronavirus, the Rafic Hariri University Hospital announced on Saturday that out of 230 laboratory tests conducted today, three new Covid-19 cases have been recorded, while the remaining tests came out negative.

It added that the total number of laboratory-confirmed cases infected with the virus that are currently present in the Hospital’s isolation area has reached 16 cases, noting that it has admitted 13 cases suspected to be infected with the virus, who were transferred from other hospitals.

Meanwhile, the hospital report also indicated that no new recoveries have been reported today, thus the total number of full recoveries to-date remains at 160. It added that three patients were released from the hospital today to be home quarantined after their attending physician confirmed their clinical recovery.

“All those infected with the virus are receiving the necessary care in the isolation unit, and their condition is stable,” the hospital report added.

In conclusion, the Hariri Hospital indicated that more information on the number of infected cases on all Lebanese territories can be found in the daily report issued by the Ministry of Public Health.


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