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North African countries mull ‘curtailing Turkey’s influence in region’

Egyptian intelligence chief, Abbas Kamel, yesterday kicked off a tour around the Arab North African countries, including the eastern region in Libya, led by the rebel general Khalifa Haftar, to discuss “limiting the Turkish role in the region.”

Local sources told Al-Araby Al-Jadeed that Kamel’s tour was aiming at discussing “intelligence cooperation among North African government” and ways “to confront terrorism in the region.”

Relations with Turkey have strained recently after Ankara has said it would establish a military base to support the Tripoli-based UN-recognized Government of National Accord (GNA) led by Fayez Al-Sarraj.

On 7 November, Ankara and the GNA reached two separate memorandums of understanding (MoU), one on military cooperation and the other on maritime boundaries of countries in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Since last April, GNA has been fighting against the Haftar-led eastern-based commander army.

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