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Israel’s Occupation forces increase aggression against Palestinians

Israeli occupation forces escalated their aggression against the Palestinian people in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, wounding several citizens, arresting 16 civilians including boys, closing the entrances of three villages with iron gates, and bombing sites in Gaza.

In Bethlehem, two Palestinians were wounded after the Israeli occupation forces deliberately targeted their vehicle in the village of Husan, west of the city. Thus, several Palestinians were injured in Hebron in clashes between Israeli soldiers and demonstrators in Al-Arroub camp north of the area.

The occupation forces arrested 16 Palestinians since last night in the West Bank, including boys. This arrests campaign was accompanied by sabotaging houses and the seizure of money for freed prisoners in Jerusalem. These arrests took place in occupied Jerusalem, Qalqilya, Hebron, Nablus, Bethlehem, and Tulkarm.

Dozens of settlers stormed earlier in the Tarsala area near the village of Sanur, south of Jenin, under the protection of the occupation forces, chanting racist and anti-Arab slogans and performed Talmudic rituals.

In a related context, the occupation authorities closed the entrances to the villages and towns of Deir Nidham, Deir Abu Mishal, and Aboud northwest of Ramallah, with iron gates, and put cement blocks at the entrance to the village of Bazzariya in Nablus.

In Gaza, the occupation warplanes bombed, at dawn, locations in the cities of Khan Yunis, south of Gaza, and Deir Al-Balah, in the center of Gaza, while the occupation artillery shelled a site east of Gaza City.

The Palestinian authorities stated that the occupation warplanes bombed a site northwest of the city of Khan Yunis using about ten rockets, which led to destroying the area, in addition to setting a fire and damaging properties under the possession of citizens living nearby. Also, three rockets struck a site west of the city of Deir Al-Balah in the central Gaza Strip, causing damage and destruction in the neighbouring property.

The occupation artillery also fired three shells at a site near the Martyrs Cemetery east of Gaza City, which led to its destruction and damaging private properties and nearby agricultural lands. The occupation army claimed that the shelling came in response to the firing of a rocket from Gaza towards the Israeli settlements adjacent to the Gaza Strip.

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