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بطاقة مؤتمر الاعلام 1 (1)


Under the patronage and presence of his Excellency the Minister of Information Ramzi Jreij, the Directorate of Lebanese Studies and Publications at the Ministry of Information is honored to invite you to attend its second Media Conference, #New_Med

تشرين الثاني 25, 2015

with the participation of the Lebanese Higher Institute of Doctorate in Literature and the Faculty of Information at the Lebanese University and other universities, private and public administrations, and media institutions in Lebanon

Place: The Higher Institute for Doctorate in Literature, Humanities and Social Sciences
Sin el Fil- Horsh Tabet

Dates: Wednesday and Thursday,  the 2nd and 3rd of December, 2015

To confirm your attendance or to apologize please contact : 01 737914- 01 351390

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