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Diab inspects return procedures at Beirut Airport: Working day and night to reach the birth of a new Lebanon

Prime Minister Hassan Diab inspected this morning the logistical, medical and security measures taken at Rafic Hariri International Airport in Beirut, where he had a closer look at the preparations underway for the return of the Lebanese from abroad.

After visiting the various Airport sections, Diab said: “This tour aims today to see the measures taken at the Airport to keep pace with the return of the Lebanese from abroad. Our government is concerned with every Lebanese inside and outside of Lebanon, and we consider all Lebanese as part of our family…Additionally, this government is seeking to remove the sectarian, doctrinal, regional and political barriers, since every Lebanese is a member of the same large family, the family of Lebanon and the Lebanese, and therefore this government is the government of building bridges between regions and parties.”

He added: “The government is present today with all its concerned ministers, and each minister will keep the public informed of what his ministry has done in its domain. The truth is that the government is linking day to night for the birth of a new Lebanon, not only financially and economically, but at all levels.”

Diab hoped that the health cloud related to the Corona pandemic will disappear soon, with minimal harm to the Lebanese, both residents and expatriates. “Lebanon will be reborn with all its components, God willing. The Lebanese people are truly a great people, and they derive their strength from the Lebanese at home and abroad. So we are concerned, as I mentioned from the very beginning, that is, more than a month ago, that the Lebanese will return from abroad, provided that this return is safe for them, and of course for their families and the Lebanese people,” the Prime Minister corroborated.

Diab relayed the greetings and appreciation of the President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, to all those involved in implementing the measures adopted, as well as the concerned ministers who are overseeing the return procedures.

In turn, the Prime Minister commended the tremendous and distinguished work done by all concerned sides, including the Middle East Airlines, cabinet ministers, security and military services, the media, hospitals, doctors, nurses, and many others.

It is to note that Diab was received upon arrival at the Airport this morning by the Middle East Airlines Board Chairman Mohamed Al-Hout, Airport Head Fadi Al-Hassan, and a number of security and administrative officials. He was also accompanied during his Airport tour by Foreign Minister Nassif Hitti, Interior Minister Mohamad Fahmy, Health Minister Hamad Hassan, Public Works Minister Michel Najjar, Social Affairs Minister Ramzi Moucharafieh and Information Minister Manal Abdel Samad Najd, as well as his Advisor Khodr Taleb.

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