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Report on the “1st Public Health Policy and Management (PHPM) Program” Chandigarh – India

Rima Chandigarh

Prepared by: Rima Abd El Samad Ministry of Information Lebanese Directorate of Studies and Publications Overview The 1st Public Health Policy and Management (PHPM) Program under the International Public Health Management Development was organized by the Department of Community Medicine & School of Public Health – Post Graduate Institute of ...

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‘Truly alarming’: No babies for endangered right whales


The winter calving season for critically endangered right whales has nearly ended with zero newborns spotted in the past four months – a reproductive drought that scientists who study the fragile species haven’t seen in three decades. Survey flights to look for mother-and-calf pairs off the Atlantic coasts of Georgia ...

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Free smart meter installations to reduce water waste in Beirut

مياه عداد

Smart water meters will be installed free of charge in Beirut to help improve water services and reduce wastage, Director General of the Beirut and Mount Lebanon Water Establishment Jean Gebran said in a statement Tuesday. “The installation of the meters and their protective boxes will not involve any [extra] ...

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Einstein archives, letters to lovers set for Asian exhibits


Handwritten pages from Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity, letters to his lovers and other parts of his archive stored in Jerusalem are to be exhibited for the first time in Taiwan, China and Japan. Some 75 artifacts will go on display in Taipei beginning Friday as part of the exhibit ...

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Sidon Mayor: Mountain of waste in Sidon ‘will disappear’


Sidon Mayor Mohammad Saudi Thursday assured local residents that the growing mountain of garbage in a nearby waste treatment plant would be removed within 10 weeks. “The fumes and the [piled] waste at the waste treatment plant in Sidon will disappear completely within a period not exceeding 10 weeks,” Saudi ...

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Climate change is a threat to rich and poor alike

الأمم المتحدة

From Miami and Puerto Rico to Barbuda and Havana, the devastation of this year’s hurricane season across Latin America and the Caribbean serves as a reminder that the impacts of climate change know no borders. In recent weeks, Category 5 hurricanes have brought normal life to a standstill for millions ...

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