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المكاري كوبا

Information Minister Visits Havana, Meets His Cuban Counterpart

Caretaker Minister of Information, Ziad al-Makary, visited today Havana where he met with his Cuban counterpart, Alfonso Noya Martez, in the presence of the Lebanese Ambassador to Cuba, Namir Nour El-Din, and Mr. Elias Khalil.

During the meeting, Minister Makary stressed “the importance of raising one’s voice against the war of extermination waged by the Israeli enemy against the Palestinians.”

He agreed with his Cuban counterpart on “the importance and necessity of holding the -Operation Truth Conference – at the present time in light of the increasing misinformation by the dominant media.”

Both ministers agreed during their talks on several points, emphasizing the responsibility of the media towards providing correct information to the people, in addition to agreeing to prepare a joint program regarding the Lebanese expatriates residing in Cuba and to enhance cooperation and exchange of experiences between both countries.

For his part, the Cuban Minister of Information stressed “the importance of unity as a strategy to convey the image of truth,” considering that “what is most important today is not only portraying the truth about Cuba to the world, but the truth of all oppressed peoples who are subjected to aggression and siege.”

It is to note that Minister al-Makary is currently on an official visit to Cuba, where he took part in the “Operation Truth Conference”, during which participants from thirty countries around the world discussed the role of the media and its responsibility in conveying the truth to the peoples without neglecting the Palestinian issue.


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