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Falha Heads Lebanese Delegation To Meetings Of Standing Committee For Arab Media In Kuwait

Lebanon’s Ministry of Information General Director, Dr. Hassan Falha headed the Lebanese delegation to the meetings of the Standing Committee for Arab Media, which is currently taking place in Kuwait under the umbrella of the Arab League until March 16.

During the meetings, the Standing Committee for Arab Media will hold its 98th session, and the 24th meeting of the Permanent Group of Experts concerned with following up the role of media in confronting the phenomenon of terrorism.

In his delivered speech, Dr. Falha said, “In light of the enormous technical development and the unlimited knowledge that has changed the nature of humanity’s approach to lifestyles and patterns, we must reproduce cultures that keep pace with said development, yet preserve our values, traditions, and heritage.”

Falha further underlined the need for “good investment in the media and the ability to use it by keeping pace with modern technological developments.”

He went on to call for more attention to humanitarian issues, most importantly the Palestinian cause, censuring what the Palestinian people are being subjected to, often from global injustice and permanent Israeli occupation.

“Therefore, I hope that the assembled brothers will first confirm a homogeneous Arab media strategy to serve Arab causes,” Falha added.

“Secondly, we must focus on showing the true image of religions, especially our true religion [Islam], and reject violence and discrimination. We must confront the smearing campaigns that we are being exposed to,” he added.

Falha then reiterated the need for the Palestinian cause “to be automatically present in the work of all of our committees.”

“Thanks to the sisterly State of Kuwait for the good organization and hospitality, and to the curators of these works,” Falha concluded.


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