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Disturbing Research Warns AI May Be ‘Great Filter’ That Wipes Out Human Civilisation

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Advanced artificial intelligence could pose a catastrophic risk to humanity and wipe out entire civilisations, a new study warns. AI could be the potential “Great Filter” answer to the Fermi paradox, with the potential to wipe out intelligent life in the universe before it can make contact with others, suggested the yet-to-be peer-reviewed study, posted ...

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Simple Inexpensive Tests Found To Predict Dementia Risk Years In Advance

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Simple tests assessing grip strength and mobility can predict people’s risk of ageing-related health conditions such as dementia, according to a new study. Previous studies have shown that as people age, they generally tend to lose muscle strength and slow down. The new research, published recently in the Journal of Cachexia Sarcopenia and Muscle, suggests this could also ...

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The Ozone Layer Is On Track To Recover Within Decades As Harmful Chemicals Are Phased Out, Scientists Report

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In rare good news for the planet, Earth’s ozone layer is on track to recover completely within decades, as ozone-depleting chemicals are phased out across the world, according to a new United Nations-backed assessment. The ozone layer protects the planet from harmful ultraviolet rays. But since the late 1980s, scientists have sounded the ...

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New Alzheimer’s Drug Shows Promise In Slowing Disease But May Include Significant Risks, Study Shows

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An experimental Alzheimer’s drug modestly slowed the brain disease’s inevitable worsening, researchers reported — but it remains unclear how much difference that might make in people’s lives. Japanese drugmaker Eisai and its U.S. partner Biogen had announced earlier this fall that the drug lecanemab appeared to work, a badly needed bright spot after ...

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