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‘The Real Thing’: Delta-Omicron Hybrid Identified For First Time

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A newly-discovered Covid variant that combines mutations from both Omicron and Delta is “the real thing,” scientists have said. Earlier in the year, concern was raised after a lab in Cyprus claimed to have found evidence of a Delta-Omicron recombination event – when the two variants co-infect a patient and exchange genetic material to produce a new viral ...

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Could Pumping Iron Decrease The Risk Of Premature Death?

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There’s long been evidence that moderate aerobic exercise (think walking, running, or cycling) are good for your lifelong health and well-being. Research even shows us more active people also tend to live longer, healthier lives with lower rates of disease – including cancers, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. But what about resistance exercise such ...

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Scientists Discover Moon-Like Meteorite Craters On Earth

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Geologists studying the US state of Wyoming have discovered a type of meteorite crater never before seen on Earth, the result of a powerful impact millions of years before dinosaurs walked the planet. In a study published in the Geological Society of America Bulletin, the team of German and American scientists describes a field of secondary impact ...

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Scientists Find New Way To Fight Covid By Turning Part Of Virus Against Itself


A new experimental method of turning the virulence of the novel coronavirus against itself could potentially lead to novel therapeutics against Covid-19, according to a new study. The new strategy, according to researchers led by teams from Harvard Medical School (HMS) and Boston Children’s Hospital, has shown promise in mice and in human cells in a lab ...

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