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المكاري مارش طرابلس

Al-Makary Visits “Our Lady Of Al-Hara” Monastery In Tabbaneh

Caretaker Minister of Information, Ziad Al-Makary, visited the Monastery of “Our Lady of Al-Hara” in Tabbaneh in the North, accompanied by “Marada Movement” political bureau member, Rafli Diab, and the head of the “March Association”, Leah Baroudi.

They were received at the monastery by Father George Jreij on behalf of the Pastor of the Maronite Diocese of Tripoli, Youssef Soueif, who welcomed Al-Makary on this first time visit by an information minister to the region “which comes as a support to the path of coexistence in an oasis for all.”

Makary thanked Father Jreij for his warm welcome, saying: “I am pleased today to be present in Tabbaneh and Jabal Mohsen and here in this monastery, and I say that when you are ignorant of the other, you naturally find a way to disagree with him, but that really dissipates through the exchange of knowledge and convergence…What happened in this region is that people met and converged.”

He added: “When you sit with the other and you are free from all the burdens that weigh you down, from poverty to lack of knowledge and political, sectarian and confessional differences, you must find your way to understanding and dialogue, and as March builds bridges of communication through intensive and qualitative work, in turn, the parish here in Tebbaneh is carrying out basic and continuous work…all in the absence of the state, unfortunately, which has never seriously paid attention to this region.”



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