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Information Minister Receives A Delegation From “Sada AL-Dahieh” Website

Caretaker Minister of Information, Ziad Al-Makary, received at his Ministry office a delegation from the “Sada Al-Dahieh” website, headed by its director, Imad Jaber, accompanied by the two activists Zainab Wehbe and Maryam Doulaby.

Makary praised the work of the “Sada Al-Dahieh” website and its tremendous efforts despite the difficult circumstances that the country is going through. He saluted those in charge of the site, in addition to the team of volunteers working on it, indicating that “with these efforts, the site will maintain its presence and continuity.”

In this context, the Minister of Infromation disclosed his endeavor to include the “Sada Al-Dahieh” website and other websites under the umbrella of the Lebanese Press Syndicate.

Discussions during the meeting dwelt on several local and regional files, most notably the economic crisis prevailing in Lebanon and the developments of the presidential dossier and other outstanding issues in the country.

Talks touched as well on the status of websites in Lebanon in light of the steady increase in their numbers, reviewing the nature of their work and their importance amidst the scientific and technical development that the world is witnessing.


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