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Information Minister Meets Al-Mayadeen Delegation

Caretaker Minister of Information, Ziad Makary, welcomed, at his ministry office,  a delegation of Al-Mayadeen channel, chaired by Ghassan bin Jeddo.

“Besides extending our greetings on the occasion of the new year advent, our visit aims to learn more about the Ministry of Information and the Minister, as well as to discuss an array of media-related and political affairs in the country,” said bin Jeddo following the meeting.

“Most importantly, we tackled the nomination of Beirut as the capital of the Arab media in 2023,” he added.

“We believe that this event is paramount for Beirut and Lebanon, as well as for the Arab nation,” he continued.

“We are an Arab media channel that is based in Beirut, and we expressed our readiness to make an active, efficient, and positive contribution in that respect,” he told reporters.

“Beirut is indeed worthy of being chosen as he capital of the Arab media,” bin Jeddo stressed.


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