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Media Gathering With Abdelmalak Highlights Role Of Supervisory Commission For Elections, Calls For Strengthening SCE’s Independence And Powers

A media gathering was held on Monday at Dunes – Verdun with head of the Supervisory Commission for Elections (SCE), Judge Dr. Nadim Abdelmalak, at the invitation of President of the National Audio-Visual Council, Abdel Hadi Mahfouz.

The media gathering took place in the presence of the General Director of Lebanon’s Ministry of Information, Dr. Hassan Falha, representing Minister of Information, Ziad Al-Makary, President of the Press Syndicate, Aouni Al-Kaaki, Editors’ Syndicate Head, Joseph al-Qosaifi, and senior media figures and officials.

At the outset of the gathering, Dr. Abdelmalak shed light on the obstacles and problems that hindered the commission’s work amid the prevailing crises, stressing that they prevented it from performing its role as it should.

“Some international bodies have provided support to the commission to complete the electoral process. The commission, with its capabilities and powers, will ensure the successful completion of legislative elections,” Dr. Abdelmalak said.

For his part, Dr. Falha conveyed the greetings of Information Minister, Ziad Al-Makary, to the gathering’s participants.

“Despite the difficulties that we endure, we must all cooperate within the media body to participate in legislative elections through proper media coverage,” Dr. Falha said.

“Let us all agree, in our capacity as the audio-visual media, the Ministry of Information, the two press unions, and news websites, that we must work hand-in-hand to make this achievement a success despite the many hardships — so that it represents a new stepping stone,” Dr. Falha added.

In turn, Al-Kaaki heaped praise on the work and efforts of the Supervisory Commission for Elections despite its modest capabilities. He also regretted the ill-fated living and economic situation in the country.

Al-Qosaifi then delivered a word in which he hoped that the Supervisory Commission for Elections would perform its mission successfully.

“I think that there are many loopholes in the law of the SCE. (…) This is a significant gap, as it has placed many obstacles in the way of media professionals’ movement, and the freedom of journalists to keep pace with elections,” Al-Qosaifi said.

Finally, Mahfouz’s word capitalized on electoral spending, electoral campaigning, and electoral advertising. It also underlined the necessary steps to enable the commission to carry out its tasks in media-related matters.

“Some of the attacks or criticism that the commission is being exposed to are not in place, especially if we realize the difficulty that the SCE faces to carry out the tasks entrusted to it,” Mahfouz concluded.

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