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Donald Trump defends Milwaukee police shooting

US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has said initial evidence suggests the shooting of a black man by police in Milwaukee was justified.
The killing of Sylville Smith in a predominantly African-American part of the city on Saturday led to protests.
“We have to obey the laws or we don’t have a country,” Mr Trump told Fox News after visiting police in the city. He later addressed a rally there.
A string of fatal police shootings have sparked demonstrations across the US.
Protesters say the police are too ready to use lethal force against African Americans.
In the latest incident, Mr Smith, 23, was stopped by police and then fled.
Officials said he was shot because he was carrying an illegal handgun and had refused to drop it.
“The gun was pointed at his [a police officer’s] head supposedly ready to be fired,” said Mr Trump, the Republican presidential candidate.
“Who can have a problem with that? That’s what the narrative is. Maybe it’s not true. If it is true, people shouldn’t be rioting.”

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