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Hariri Hospital: 25 Critical Cases, Five Recoveries

Rafic Hariri University Hospital stated on Monday, in its daily report on the latest Coronavirus developments, that the number of examinations conducted in its laboratories during the past 24 hours reached 650, and that the number of patients infected with the virus who are at the hospital for follow-up is 82, while 19 suspected cases that were transferred from other hospital within the past 24 hour.

The report indicated that five new recoveries have been recorded during the past 24 hours; thus, bringing the total number of recoveries to-date stands to 430. It added that one new death case has been recorded, while the number of critical cases currently receiving treatment at the hospital is 25.

For further information on the number of COVID-19 infected cases on all Lebanese territories, the hospital indicated that this data can be found in the daily report issued by the Ministry of Public Health.



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