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المكاري كرم لوريان لوجور

Makary Honors L’Orient Le Jour for Reaping Francophonie’s ‘Grande Médaille’

Caretaker Information Minister, Ziad Makary, hosted a ceremony at his ministry office on Wednesday to honor L’Orient Le Jour daily after being awarded the Francophonie’s “Grande Médaille.”

The event was attended by a crowd of ambassadors of the francophone states, alongside the Editors Order Chief and the Director General of the Information Ministry, among other figures.


“We gather here today to honor a daily that has been unremittingly committed to media and Francophonie, and that bore witness to the best and worst moments of Lebanon’s history,” said Makary.

“We are here to celebrate this professional commitment and this talent that marked the only French-speaking newspaper in the Middle East,” he added.

“Ever since its founding on June 15, 1971, L’Orient Le Jour remained loyal, and it has not failed to assume its key role,” he continued.

“It shed light on the free, pluralist and democratic Lebanon,” he underlined.

“L’Orient Le Jour has advocated and promoted these noble values, armed with a financial independence that allowed it to preserve a large margin of free speech even amid hostile conditions,” he went on saying, hailing the daily’s resilience and capacity to overcome hardships.



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