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Television Category 2

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Book of specifications of TV Corporations, 2nd category Chapter One General Terms The book of specifications aims at encouraging the establishment of a civilized and advanced information industry in the fields of production and broadcasting, in conformity with international agreements governing Lebanon’s rights in this regard. The book also aims ...

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Television Category 1

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Decrees  Ministry of Information Decree No 7997  Ratification Of The Book Of Specifications of TV And Radio Corporations, 1st and 2nd Category  The President of the Republic, In conformity with the Constitution, Under Law No 382, dated 4/11/1994 and related to TV and radio broadcasting, mainly in its Article 25, ...

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Satellite Broadcasting

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Laws  Law No 531 Satellite Broadcasting The Parliament has adopted, And the President of the Republic has published the following law: Sole Article: The draft law related to satellite broadcasting and encoded TV broadcasting was ratified as amended by the Committee of Information, Post and Telecommunications. This law enters in ...

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Lebanon is well recognized for its well skilled, educated and multi-lingual labor force. Its new and expanding infrastructure is quickly becoming the best in the region, with a state-of-art telecommunications, a modern electricity network, new airport, expanding port facilities, and an ambitious road rehabilitation program.

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Financial Sector

Lebanon banks

Lebanon’s economy is backed by a reputable, efficient and professional banking sector noted for its secrecy laws and full currency convertibility policies which have ensured monetary stability and instilled consumer and investor confidence. The banking industry plays key roles in the Lebanese economy where banks dominate the financial system and ...

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Culture, Technology and Media


Despite its small population and geographical size, Lebanon plays an influential role in the production of information and media in the Arab world. Lebanon’s media is often seen as the most liberal in the region as the Lebanese press laws do not restrict freedom of expression and the state does ...

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The Lebanese tourism industry has been one of the main growth engines in its local economy and continues to be a major revenue generator for the country. Lebanon is renowned for being one of the top tourist destinations thanks to its strategic geographical position, rich historic sites, mild climate and ...

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General definition


Lebanon has a competitive and free market economy, based on a long tradition of liberal investment policies, free enterprise and private initiative. Unlike many countries in the region, Lebanon does not restrict the inward or outward movement of capital nor does it have any limitations on foreign exchange or repatriation ...

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Lebanese Economy


Strategically positioned at the crossroads of Africa, Asia and Europe and a gateway to the Middle Eastern market, Lebanon has established itself as a regional and international center for trade and enterprise. Lebanon offers plenty of advantages for potential local and international investors planning to develop new business in the ...

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