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Television Category 1


 Ministry of Information

Decree No 7997

 Ratification Of The Book Of Specifications of TV And Radio Corporations, 1st and 2nd Category

 The President of the Republic,

In conformity with the Constitution,

Under Law No 382, dated 4/11/1994 and related to TV and radio broadcasting, mainly in its Article 25,

And after consultation of the Audiovisual Council on 20/1/1996,

In accordance with the Minister of Information’s proposal,

And after consulting the State Council (Advice no 86/95-96, dated 29/1/1996 and advice No 106/95-96 dated 23/2/1996),

And following the approbation of the Cabinet on 7/2/1996 and 27/2/1996,

Approves the following:

Article 1: The book of specifications attached to this decree and related to TV and radio corporations, 1st and 2nd categories, has been ratified.

Article 2: The present decree shall be enforced as soon as it is published in the official gazette.

Baabda, February 29, 1996

Issued by the President of the Republic

Elias Hraoui (signature)

Prime Minister

Rafic Hariri (signature)

Minister of Information

Farid Makari (signature)

Minister of Finance

Rafic Hariri (signature)

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