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The Lebanese tourism industry has been one of the main growth engines in its local economy and continues to be a major revenue generator for the country. Lebanon is renowned for being one of the top tourist destinations thanks to its strategic geographical position, rich historic sites, mild climate and quality of its services. Lebanon natural beauty and diverse terrain offers a wide range of outdoor activities: skiing, hiking, swimming, camping, caving, sky diving, parachuting, canoeing, bungee jumping and more. Lebanon is an ancient land who served for centuries as a sanctuary for persecuted religious groups. Those groups left a heritage of a rich mosaic of religious beliefs, diverse traditions, and a vast amount of Christian and Islamic sanctuaries and holy places. Lebanon is a leading center for medical tourism in the region attracting foreign patients from all over the world. It offers an unparalleled wealth of medical resources at a very affordable and competitive cost. The country is known for its specialized physicians and surgeons, advanced medical services, highly experienced nursing staff, internationally accredited hospitals and ideal climate. Lebanon’s rich cuisine, vibrant nightlife, world class hotels, wide range of festivals, and many other factors, have made it one of the most visited countries for tourism in the Middle East.  

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