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Ministers of Health, Information Inspect Beirut Airport

Minister of Public Health, Dr. Hamad Hassan, and Minister of Information, Dr. Manal Abdel Samad Najd, at 7:00 pm on Friday paid an inspection visit to Rafic Hariri International Airport to follow up on the measures taken to ensure a safe return of travelers.

In an address to the press, Minister Abdel Samad made clear that today’s few mistakes managing some returning flights would hopefully be avoided in the coming days.

“We must stand united with our stances to purvey a beautiful image of Lebanon,” she added, expressing great satisfaction with the overall measures and meticulous organization that have accompanied the reopening of Rafic Hariri international airport.

“Things are organized, and I do not think that in other countries things are being managed any better. This should encourage everyone to come to Lebanon, especially as it is among the first 15 countries who have managed to fight the Coronavirus worldwide,” Abdel Samad said.

On another level, she vehemently condemned any assault against the media. “The security forces are our other eye watching over the press,” she added.

For his part, Minister Hassan said, “The ministerial committee tasked to combat the Coronavirus pandemic has taken a decision to set the PCR test price at $ 50 for all travelers,” adding that the test will be conducted free for children under the age of 12.

The Minister went on to laud the adopted measures at the airport, deeming them “exceptional”.

“The PCR testing procedure, and the work of the medical staff and surveillance teams, all aim to protect arriving travelers and residents alike,” Hassan said, noting that out of 11,250 arriving travelers, only 19 have tested COVID-19 positive.

However, the Minister of Health warned that despite all the measures that were being taken, awareness remained key in the Lebanese community. He also reminded that the positive cases must strictly adhere to quarantine measures.

As for the ailing economic situation in Lebanon, Hassan said, “We are trying to confront these problems. Surrendering is not one of our characteristics, nor one of Lebanese society’s characteristics. We hope that the summer tourist season will be a cornerstone to help resolve our outstanding issues.”


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