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منال عبد الصمد manal abd samad

Minister of Information to MENA: Situation In Lebanon Still Under Control, Declaring State Of Emergency

Minister of Information, Dr. Manal Abdel Samad Najd, on Tuesday confirmed that the Lebanese government was exerting relentless efforts to combat the novel Coronavirus and limit its spread across the nation.

She affirmed that the state was handling the matter with absolute transparency by means of announcing virus updates and taking all the necessary measures to protect the Lebanese from this epidemic.

“The situation is still under control,” she asserted.

The Minister’s words came in an interview with the Egyptian Middle East News Agency (MENA), during which she stressed that the government had spared no effort to contain the spread of Covid-19 in Lebanon.

“Lebanon has not yet entered the fourth stage (epidemic outbreak and community infection),” she confirmed, pinning hope on full Lebanese commitment to staying home in a bid to prevent further spread of the virus.

She explained that in its fight against the virus, the government had been adopting the protocols of the Coronavirus Preventive Measures Committee, as well as those of the World Health Organization, praising as well the wide awareness campaign carried out by Lebanese media, which majorly contributed to decreasing the number of cases.

Moreover, Abdel Samad pointed out that declaring a state of emergency was not an easy decision to take, as its announcement had several repercussions, which included imposing severe restrictions and curfews in a way that may make it difficult for citizens to purchase their basic and necessary supplies.

“The state, in addition to the measures it has taken, relies heavily on societal awareness; the Lebanese have a responsibility to adhere to strict domestic quarantine to prevent the spread of the virus,” she maintained.

Nevertheless, the Information Minister affirmed a great deal of commitment among the majority of the Lebanese to the government’s decisions, especially with regard to staying indoors and leaving only for the most urgent necessities.

She indicated that the Lebanese state had involved the army and security forces with greater momentum in order to ensure the commitment of the Lebanese to the enforced domestic quarantine, with severe penalties against those who breach the law.

“The specialized website launched by the Ministry of Information on the novel Coronavirus has majorly contributed to providing all the necessary news, accurate information, and correct data on the developments of the virus spread in Lebanon,” the minister said, explaining that the campaign launched by the Ministry of Information under the title of “It is not a joke” has greatly resonated with the public, especially that many Lebanese celebrities society in the fields of sports, art, culture, and information have partaken in it.

She finally pointed out that the government had adopted distance education through the official Lebanese television, Tele Liban, along with other media, to ensure the continuation of the educational process, and in protection of the future of school students.

Abdel Samad did not fail to mention as well the government’s serious endeavors handling the economic repercussions of the current situation by providing social support to the groups mostly in need.


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