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الرياشي ووسام للحويك

The media body in Lebanon lost the former president of the press club YOUSSEF AL HWAYEK… and Riyashi awarded him the medal of the Ministry of Information

HALTA town and the media body in Lebanon lost the the former president of the Press Club and the adviser of MP Boutros Harb in a majestic funeral in the courtyard of his home in the town of Halta.

The funeral was presided over by the Maronite diocese of Batroun, Bishop Mounir Khairallah, representing the Patriarch Cardinal Mar Bishara Boutros Al-Ra’i, who was accompanied by a crowd of priests and monks.

Minister of Information Melhem Al-Riyashi represented the President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri, Prime Minister Saad Hariri, MP Samer Saadeh, Representative of President Amin Gemayel, Phalange Party President Sami Gemayel, Nafez Kawas representing President Tamam Salam , Fares Al-Gemayel Deputy Minister of State for Combating Corruption Nicola Tueni, MP Boutros Harb and his wife Marilyn, a delegation of the Lebanese Forces Party headed by MP Antoine Zahra representing Dr. Samir Geagea , and the Head of Media and Communication, Charles Jabbour, Dr. Nady Geagea, Batroun Party’s candidate Dr. Fadi Saad, Batroun’s coordinator of forces in the region, Essam Khoury, and a group of center officials and members of the Batroun region, Eng. Joseph Najm, Representative of Al-Marda faction MP Suleiman Franjieh, Emile Al-Aliya Representative of Liberal Party MP Dori Chamoun General of the Internal Security Forces Major General Imad Othman Lt. Col. Youssef Kosi, Editorial Captain Elias Aoun, Advisor to the Minister of Information Melhem Riachi André Kassas, Director of the National News Agency Laure Suleiman Saab , A Former President of the Press Club Bassam Abu Zeid, Head of a delegation from the club, a delegation from the Diyar newspaper headed by Hanna Ayoub, Batroun Mayor Roger Toubia, Commander of the Mount Lebanon region in the Internal Security Forces Brigadier Jihad Jehayek, President of Batroun Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Lebanese International Broadcasting Corporation, Pierre Daher, Dr. Fuad Abu Nader, Chairman of the Lebanese-Omani Business Council Shadi Massaad and a crowd of media personalities from the mayors, mukhtars and political, security and judicial actors.

“The Apostolic Blessing includes our dear sons and daughters: David, his two brothers and sisters, the brothers of the late Joseph Hanna al-Hawayek, their families and their families and their relatives in the homeland and the esteemed Diaspora,” he said.

We are very tired as you heard the sudden and early death of Aziz Yusuf, who is fifty-eight years of age. This is a painful loss and a great loss to you, including the former Minister, Sheikh Peter Harb, the Press Syndicate, the Press Club and the Diyar family. All of them were very distressed. They received the bitter news, and they wrote through the media and their techniques about the great loss, praising his personality and its many advantages, and when we received the tragic news, we started to pray for the comfort of himself and for your hearts.

Who was born in the house and the family of Karim, and raised with his brothers and sisters the fundamentals of religion, morality and openness, and the traditions of the town and the family, which gave the servant of God the great patriarch Elias Boutros Al-Hweik, the father of Greater Lebanon.

The late Youssef realized this heritage and this heritage, and he became aware of the basics of journalism in the Lebanese University’s media school. He graduated with a metaphor and practiced it with a high moral ethic in the service of the word. He was committed to forming an objective and proper public opinion. For twenty years, as well as trade unions and institutions. He has always been a vocal and textual reporter, so that he has made him a popular and enduring presence in the press and radio. He radioed “Free Lebanon” during the war, defied all dangers, and prepared parliamentary programs in which he addressed deputies from different directions. He became the director of Al Diar newspaper. He founded the Press Club and entrusted him with his presidency and secretarial. Thanks to all this, he was elected a member of both the Press Syndicate and the Editors Syndicate. Yes, his departure is a great loss and a deep pain for all.

And what is very regrettable is the good behaves, and the kindness of his presence, and his smiley face and nobility and humility and smile, and the seriousness of his commitment and great love for his country Halta, and related to her family and family. He was proud to complete the construction of his beautiful home, near the home of the parents, in preparation for a marriage contract and the formation of a family, as everyone was hoping and waiting.

In his early youth, he fought as an advocate for Lebanon and its land in the ranks of the Lebanese resistance, especially in the commando units. And brought the issue belong to the Lebanese Phalange Party, then to the Lebanese Forces, and one illusion, to serve Lebanon and to promote it.

Joseph, who was manifested by his knowledge and qualities and the richness of his soul and heart, suddenly stopped his heart on the night of the Feast of the Transfiguration, like his father’s father, ten years ago, so that he could see Christ in his glory and receive from the mercy of God the reward of the diligent servant for good work. People, to see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in the heavens (Matthew 5:16).

On this occasion, and in honor of his burial, and to express your heartfelt sympathy for you, we would like to extend our heartfelt condolences to you, Archbishop Mounir Khairallah, Archbishop of Batroun diocese.
May God save the precious and compassionate, and pour on your hearts the solace of the solace.
About our church in Deman, on the seventh of August 2017 “.

“I was honored and honored by Professor Charles Ayoub, editor-in-chief of Al Diar newspaper, to give a speech in the name of my colleagues to the departure of dear friend Youssef Al-Hweik, who was surprised by his sudden death.

He added: “It is fate, I wrote in” Al-Diyar “yesterday, that Youssef Al-Hwaik did not hate and this is the advantage of good people who are advancing values on them on everything else.”

He concluded by saying: “On the day of your painful departure, my colleague Joseph, who was always in the name of the young man, I will assure you that the parents, their editor and her family will never forget you and offer my condolences to his family and colleagues.

Abu Zaid
Bassam Abu Zeid, president of the Press Club, said: “Today I stand before you in astonishment. I cannot believe my brother, companion, friend and colleague that you have gone to the place of no return. I cannot believe that the meeting will not be here today. I cannot believe that your voice will not bring peace to me and to all your colleagues and colleagues and your usual phrase. Our treachery, my brother to leave, left us at the height of your gifts and dreams, left us and we do not know what to do and how to continue. ”

“Here in the capital, as you would like to call it, you started all your dreams, I dreamed with your father and your mother in a house that spent years and years of your life trying to build it, and achieved the dream, but you dreamed more. I dreamed of a family decorating this house, but unfortunately your dream was broken in the middle of the road, so I went to the other world from here, from this land that I loved, and defended it. ”

“Your second dream was the press club. You have achieved yousef, with merit, strength and determination, and moved him from one rank to another, always forward. For you, your club was your first and last child, you did not tire, you did not tire, you did not rest, you did not despair, you were the catalyst and the catalyst, and we succeeded. ”

“My brother yousef, you founded the club, and you succeeded, and we succeeded with you, and I say to you frankly, and in front of everyone, I and all colleagues will not be able to achieve what you achieved, but in return we will never give up this dream and this club, “We will not let you die twice and we will give it to you. Yousef Al-Hwaik Club, we will be your name in this club. You will be an example for the entire generation of journalists who are looking forward to your approach to every moment of freedom of opinion and expression.”

“We are announcing the first steps ahead of you, the Yousef Al-Hawayek Award for Journalism, which will be an annual prize presented by the club to an innovator in journalism, especially university students. My brother yousef, I knew people loved you, but I tell you today the love of people is boundless, and they will still love you. ”

“”My brother yousef will miss you. you have left a great void, I will see you everywhere we were be together, I will miss telling you about every tiny detail in my daily days. My brother yousef is a loss of everyone is so great, pray to us from above, you are close to Jesus and the Virgin. ”

He concluded by saying: “I thank everyone and all the family and pride and all that they said to show their love for yousef. I also thank the Board of Trustees of the Press Club, and I say to him and I to you hands in hand to complete the march of Youssef Al-Hawayek. ”

Bou Asi
“We offer our deepest condolences to the loss of free speech journalist Youssef Al-Hweik, who has always been a free voice and has always been resistant to Lebanon and the dignity of man,” he said. “We hope that Allah will grant him mercy and that Provide you with patience and solace. ”

Captain Editors
It was a word for the captain of the editors in which the advantages of the late said: “Yousef al-Hawayk did not beat his heart except with love and passion and loyalty to the profession I love even love. My brother, friend and colleague Joseph, what did we do to you to grieve our hearts and shed tears on you, a young man whose heart beats only love, passion and devotion to everyone who knew and worked in a profession he loved even love and did not love others. We know that death is the truth and that it is the only fixed truth, but you, Jousef you went early, to leave, and your departure is like lightning on us and on your lovers and loved ones. We were waiting for you to rejoice in your grief over your parting, you who built yourself by yourself, relying on your love for the Lord and the love of your colleagues. May God have mercy on you and patience and patience of all your lovers on your sudden departure ”

He went to the MP Harb saying: “Sheikh Boutros know your grief and sadness to whom you have a brother and friend and reference, and you solace, and God bless your patience.”

“Dear colleague and colleague, Charles Ayoub, what can I say to you on a day of farewell to those who have trusted you for 27 years. I know your grief for your loss accompanied the start of the home in your time, and take responsibility with dedication, sincerity and love. You, my colleague Bassam, from your family, Yusuf, the secretariat of the club, who founded as if he felt his departure, all the condolences, and to remain faithful to what Youssef Al-Hweik achieved for the press club.

He concluded: “Peace be upon you, my brother yusuf, and your memory will remain forever between us, the eyes of the eye and God bless you, who have lived a lover in your life.”

“Yusuf the friend, Yousef al-Siddiq, yusuf the courage, Yusuf , the morals, the gentleness, the privileged presence every day, every moment, every call, yusuf, who never hurts a man, yusuf who accepted the other, Yusuf, who fed the hungry ,and visited the prisoner, and went back the patient, yusuf from the heaven and to heaven he will go back, yusuf is a crown rolling on the forehead of the press, I have the honor today to stand between you to put on his coffin gold medal of the press from the Ministry of Information.


Harb gave a word in his name and in the name of the family: “What is the most difficult hour for me, who was on a date with you, to stand by your side, happy for your promised wedding, to stand sad today in front of your head? It is no more difficult task for me than for a few lines to express what is in my heart and my mind towards you, and to prevent the heartbeat that mourned me after the declaration of your death, so that I could not respond to the contacts to check on your situation, so that I could be gracious to your loved ones and your friends and family. You are upset with your loss. As much as it hurts to lose you, Joseph, to the same extent, I am proud of what I witnessed and witness, as I did not see a person comforted by your loss, but tears filled his eyes.

He added: “We are here today, not to participate in condolences, we are here because we are the people of the injured, because we are your family and friends and loved ones, because we are all surprised by the loss. What do I call you, my brother, my friend, my counselor, the companion of the challenging years and the risks I do not know, Joseph, because none of these qualities dictate your right, nor your position, you are all these together. Some may think that I have lost an assistant and a media consultant. In fact, I have lost part of myself, one of my best friends, and I have lost a friend of mine who has not been stopped by risks. He has not been deterred by difficulties or material gain or moral status. In the last quarter century of our lives, twenty-five years ago, I did not miss a moment, and did not care about the seriousness of your commitment to me and my principles or my assistance in fighting, all eye and eye battles, where we were eye and did not deter. If I am asked, after my long journey with you, the diagnosis of loyalty, sincerity, honesty and commitment, it is not possible, in my view, to embody it all but the name of Joseph Al-Hawayek. ”

“We lived together, becoming part of my daily life and my political projects. In every wedding I was the disc, and in every battle I was the spearhead, and in our joy I was the smile and the sorrow, and in our councils I was the gentle and the author. As a family, we, as a patriotic line of struggle, have become as a political task force working towards the realization of consistent national principles and goals. I have worked on my side for a long time, allowing me to follow up and evaluate your course, and I would like to record that your professional ambition is your advantage, so raise your standing among your peers and colleagues because you refused to miss the voice of new generations of young women and young media professionals. , In order to collect a word from the word of your colleagues, and in order to pump new blood able to keep pace with developments in the world of modern media, and to meet the great challenges posed by.

He said: “The most important thing in your path is that you refused to take over the presidency of the club and accept the renewal for you as president for the third time, despite the insistence of your colleagues and members on you, and you won the battle for the election of you, without giving up your responsibilities towards your club. If you mention this incident in front of your head, the nobility of your behavior and the depth of your democracy, qualities are almost rare in the days of drought and misery that we live. Suffice it to look at your colleagues today among these huge crowds that have crossed from all parts of Lebanon to give you farewell, so tell what we see from their eyes free of tears of grief, sorrow and appreciation. ”

“Dear brother, I am sorry for not being able to give you your right in a few lines, but I am bad for you if you neglect to mention your humanity, your morals and your patriotism. Your personal and social career was admired and appreciated because you were able to combine competence, merit and advanced status in your profession with kindness, simplicity, friendliness and spontaneity. For example, your position as president of the Press Club, as a distinguished media player, has not allowed you to practice your favorite hobby as a photographer to record your events and events. You have lived your short life full of vitality and vitality, but you have not done harm to a human being, and did not hesitate once in extending the aid to every person you intended to ask for service or help or consultation. I was a true, committed Christian. You never sat down at a dining table, but drew the sign of the Cross to thank God for His grace. You never hated anyone, but you were practicing what Jesus commanded us to say, “Love each other as I have loved you.”

“You were a media critic, and sometimes a bit of a deterrent to the dentist, but you did not bring anyone back, you did not grudge anyone. Above all, if not above all, I was a sincere Lebanese, a citizen committed to his country and state and to the foundations on which they were based. I have not seen you stand against your commitment and convictions. I was the opposite of the mercenaries who clamor and clap to those who honor them and buy their consciences. You are free conscience of the true champion. This may be the most important thing you have brought me together. Your loyalty and sincerity in my processions is a true translation of your high ethics, which the many temptations of the world that have offered you cannot shake. We are proud that your name stuck to my name and your positions with my position, your text messages and my messages, and I know that you will leave a big void that no one but you can fill. May God be merciful to you, my companion and friend, who are like you, and if they are absent from us by the flesh, do not die, because their memory will remain immortal in our minds and souls forever. ”

“On behalf of the family of Yusuf and the name of the al-Hawayek family, I extend my warmest thanks to the President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, and to the Prime Minister Sheikh Saad Hariri who sent the Minister of Information, Mr. Melhem Riashi, to join us in our dear funeral. I also thank His Beatitude Cardinal Mar Bashar Boutros Al-Ra’i, who is very respectful, and I thank all those who participated in our funeral and called upon God to remove from them any abomination

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