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Secret Underground Oceans On Uranus’ Moons Could Make It Habitable For Alien Life, Scientists Suggest


Scientists are investigating whether Uranus’ moons could have oceans hidden beneath its surface, in their quest to find habitable worlds that could have hosted alien life. Researchers believe that Miranda, Ariel, Umbriel, Titania, and Oberon, the five largest moons of Uranus would be prime candidates for investigation due to their similarities to Europa and Enceladus, the moons of Jupiter and ...

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SolarWinds Hack: Microsoft President Says World Is Still Undergoing ‘Remarkable’ Cyber Attack

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The world is undergoing a cyber attack that is “remarkable for its scope, sophistication and impact”, Microsoft president Brad Smith has warned. The SolarWinds hack that was revealed in recent days is still “ongoing” and appears to be carried out “by a nation with top-tier offensive capabilities”, Mr Smith warned in a blog ...

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