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marijuana makes lab rats lazy

tec rat

The main psychoactive ingredient in marijuana makes lab rats lazy, according to University of British Columbia researchers. The new research, published on Tuesday in the Journal of Psychiatry and Neuroscience, looked at the effects of both THC – the drug’s main active ingredient – and the non-psychoactive compound cannabidiol, or ...

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Scientists develop dissolving battery

dissolving battery

scientists have developed a self-destructing battery capable of dissolving when exposed to heat or liquid. It delivers 2.5 volts and can power a desktop calculator for 15 minutes. It could be used to keep military secrets confidential, and in environmental monitoring devices . Iowa State University mechanical engineering professor Reza ...

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Texas baby dies from Zika-linked defect

baby death by zika

A baby born in Texas with the Zika-linked birth defect microcephaly has died, health officials say. The baby was infected in the womb while the mother was travelling in Latin America, though state officials have not identified where. The defect causes abnormally small heads and other developmental damage. Florida Governor ...

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