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Makary: Syrian Displacement Issue Has Reached Limit

Caretaker Minister of Information, Ziad Makary, stressed that “things have reached their limit in the Syrian displacement issue,” and that “the Lebanese must unite in confronting this growing danger.”

In an interview with the “Voice of All Lebanon” radio station, Makary said that Lebanon was paying a heavy price for the negligence of all successive governments, “while the current government is the only one that has taken a series of decisions to curb the rampant chaos.”

Moreover, Makary said that the possibility of holding a cabinet session soon to discuss this file was possible “but to date, no invitation has been sent.”

He went on to stress that Lebanon must swiftly open channels of communication with all sides to resolve this crisis, in addition to opening communication channels with the Syrian authorities to secure a safe return of displaced Syrians to their homeland. Lebanon must also reject certain kinds of aid and grants that hinder their return.

Touching on the presidential file, he made it clear that “head of the Marada Movement, Suleiman Franjieh, has no intention to withdraw from the presidential race “unless there is an agreement on a national candidate that we believe in, as head of the Marada Movement previously stated on June 12.”

However, Makary pointed out that the other party did not have a serious candidate against Franjieh.

“It is not true that the other party has united over supporting Army Commander, General Joseph Aoun,” he added.

“Lebanon has a real opportunity to reach an agreement over a president internally,” Makary concluded, hoping that “the Lebanese will realize this matter before it is too late.”



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