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Makary Partakes In A Debate On “Freedom Of Expression”: We Need A Major National Decision To Develop & Modernize The Administration

“We are working hard to ensure that freedom of expression remains through a modern law, which we hope will be passed,” affirmed Caretaker Information Ziad al-Makary during a debate on “Freedom of Expression” organized by the “ASAS” movement in Ehden on Sunday.

Responding to a question about the workflow at his ministry, Makary said: “We consider that the absence of a president creates a vicious and lost circle that hinders the progress and course of work, in terms of employees or communication with international organizations and other administrative matters that require us to work…Therefore, we see the need for the Council of Ministers’ agenda to be broader and more comprehensive because it is not possible to stop the progress of work in the state…”

“When there is no president, the role of parliament becomes to elect a president of the republic,” he added.

In response to another question, Makary revealed that it has always been his ambition to be present in political life, even in light of conditions similar to the ones currently prevailing in the country. “Our responsibility includes employees in ministries, their families, and organizing their affairs, and all of this requires us to work according to what our conscience dictates to us, and this is up to every minister. It is true that working under the current circumstances is difficult, but our duty is to work, even to the minimum possible,” he underlined.

Regarding the resignation option, Makary indicated that the cabinet had already resigned and is operating as a caretaker government, adding, “Our ethics require us to remain in charge to secure the progress of work and the affairs of the people. Our role is also to adhere to work in difficult circumstances. My personal choice is firm that I will not leave this ministry and I will not abandon my duty,” the Information Minister affirmed.

Asked about his position on the political map, he said: “I represent Minister Sleiman Franjieh in the government and I will not deviate from that…”

In response to another question, Makary said: “Today we need a major national decision for change in terms of developing and modernizing the administration and other matters,” deeming it not so easy to create change in light of the prevailing system.



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