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Ministers Of Information, Health Announce Sinopharm Vaccination Campaign To Start Monday

Caretaker Ministers Manal Abdel Samad of Information and Hamad Hassan of Public Health on Monday held a joint press conference at the Public Health Ministry in Jnah, during which they announced the details of the vaccination campaign for the media body, security corps, and public sector employees, which is expected to start upcoming Monday.


The Lebanese University headquarters in Hadath has been assigned as the vaccination center for the targeted sectors set to receive the Sinopharm COVID-19 vaccines, granted by the state of China to the Ministry of Public Health.

Ten clinics have been set up for this purpose at the University premises.


The press conference was attended by the President of the Lebanese University (LU), Professor Fouad Ayyoub, ,and a number of representatives of the targeted sectors in this campaign.

Ministers Hassan and Abdel Samad declared during the press conference that “text messages will be sent out within 10 days from now to all concerned sectors’ employees registered on the Covax platform to choose the appointment date for vaccination.”

Minister Hassan said at the press conference that out of the Sinopharm COVID-19 vaccines received by the Ministry of Public Health as a donation from China, ten thousand vaccines have been allocated to the army command, with forty thousand vaccines remaining.

In turn, Minister Abdel Samad said: “18 percent of media professionals have contracted the infection since the start of the pandemic, which is a huge number compared to the general infection rate, which is 7 percent.”

“This high rate confirms the righteousness of our demand to include media professionals among the priorities,” the Minister said.

Abdel Samad stressed that “all vaccines approved by the Ministry of Health are safe and meet the specified conditions, and as such favoring between one vaccine and another is dropped.”

Prior to the press conference, Abdel Samad handed Minister Hassan, the mechanism devised by the Ministry of Information for the vaccination of media professionals.


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