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Lebanon coronavirus cases rise to 494, death toll at 16

Lebanon’s coronavirus death toll reached 16 Thursday, as 15 new cases were announced by the Health Ministry.

These new figures brought the total number of registered coronavirus cases in Lebanon to 494, according to the ministry.

One of the patients to succumb to the coronavirus was the Philippines Ambassador to Lebanon Bernardita Catalla, aged 62, who died early Thursday morning in a Beirut Hospital.

 According to the Health Ministry’s figures, 43 people have so far recovered from the virus in Lebanon.

Lebanon applied wide-reaching lockdown measures since Cabinet announced a “general mobilization” March 15 to curb the spread of the virus. Security forces and Army personnel have been tasked with monitoring and enforcing these measures.

Infectious diseases experts say that a week-on-week fall in the number of new cases being recorded must be observed before an easing of lockdown measures can be considered.

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