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قائد منتخب

Order of the Day on 67th Independence Day

Army Chief, General Joseph Aoun, delivered this Thursday the Order of the Day on the occasion of the 76th Independence Day:

Fellow troops

This year, our Independence Day coincides with many national occasions of deep meanings, dimensions and indications, despite the exceptional circumstances our country is witnessing with repercussions and impacts on all levels.

The Independence we are celebrating its 76th anniversary was the result of struggles and endless sacrifices, and for that it is our duty to preserve and protect this feat in honor of those who gave their lives and paid the ultimate price for the sake of our Lebanon.

Soon enough, we will be celebrating the centennial of the declaration of the State of Great Lebanon that coincides with the diamond jubilee of the Army Day and thus the scope of our responsibilities will multiply in light of several challenges that we are facing, either geographic or internal and this clearly necessitates additional vigilance, wisdom and readiness from our side to counter these challenges.


Fellow troops

Due to these delicate circumstances that forced you to take a new approach to address a reality you never wished for this country, you have performed your duty as always with honor, sacrifice and loyalty armed with the confidence of your command and the support of your families. You remained loyal to your oath while proving far and wide that the Military Institution is a haven that binds all countrymen, regardless of their orientations and points of views. You conducted the missions entrusted to you with professionalism and a sense of responsibility despite the fact that your military mission is on the confrontation lines with the Israeli enemy which repeatedly violates our sovereignty and does not hesitate to show its greed for our land and waters. You also have a mission to confront terrorism that seizes any opportunity to target national peace and stir tumult. Through all that, you commit to the implementation of Resolution 1701 and its stipulations as well as the cooperation with the UNIFIL.

Your aptitude to tackle this crisis with ultimate professionalism and responsibility has thwarted any scheme that might be planned by those who exploit times of chaos. Your professionalism and discipline have proven your commitment to protect civil peace and preserve the rights of all citizens.


Fellow troops

You have shown a high sense of professionalism and courage in executing all the missions entrusted to you with honor and sacrifice, regardless of the difficulties and prices.

I call upon you to remain loyal to your oath, aware of the numeros dangers that will not cease with the end of the crisis, for you might face additional hurdles in the future. I urge you to preserve the nation, that valuable treasure, which you had the honor of defending. Avoid rumors and do not allow the political turmoil to prevent you from executing your mission and affect your spirit.

Independence is not an occasion that we commemorate annually with celebrations and greetings. It is a renewal of an oath that we took to completely fulfill our duty in order to preserve the country’s flag and protect the dignity of the nation.

It is a vow to defend Lebanon, in the present and the future. It will not be shaken due to chaos or incidents, for Lebanon is the nation that joins us all and its flag will forever remain hoisted.”

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