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Radio Category 2

Book Of Specifications Of Radio Corporations, 2nd Category

Chapter One

General Terms

The book of specifications aims at encouraging the establishment of a civilized and advanced information industry in the fields of production and broadcasting, in conformity with international agreements governing Lebanon’s rights in this regard. The book also aims at developing this industry to keep pace with technology progress in all fields of production, broadcasting and registration, in a way to serve Lebanon’s interests and national objectives.

The following conditions should be met to reach these objectives:

1- Respect the freedom, human essence and rights of others, the various ways of expressing ideas and opinions, and public interest requirements.

2- Encourage the Lebanese radio production, thrive to highlight Lebanon’s archeological, historical, artistic and cultural landmarks, and give all support to researches and experiments in terms of arts, in view of ensuring the components of creativity and innovation.

3- Ensure professional competition among radio corporations, starting from the principle of responsible freedom and sound trade rules, while taking into account the principle of equality, as well as offer and supply requirements under laws in vigor.

4- Adopt a well-studied, flexible and dynamic program timetable, which goes along with the spectators’ ages in order to preserve public morals, national and family cohesion, and set up a classification of programs, movies and series.

5- Keep pace with the intellectual, cultural and technical progress, in a way to raise Lebanese radio corporations to international standards.

6- Allow radio corporations to fulfill their mission as efficient tools in building the human being, develop public sense and enhance aesthetics and euthenics.

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