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Issues and Investigations

This May Be the Deadliest Creature on Earth


We squash mosquitoes with our enormous hands. We poison-bomb them from spray trucks and airplanes. We irradiate them, drain their habitats, breed them experimentally in laboratories to confound their DNA. We’ve known for more than a century that a mosquito’s bite can pass on brutal disease: Zika is the virus ...

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The Media Market and the Graduates


Dr. Antoine Matta The link between the employment market and the university is not new or strange to the higher education in its various specializations and programs. It is effective in all the universities of the world and is part of the academic “globalization” of hiring due to the relation ...

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Information in Lebanon : a culture of law or the law of the jungle?


Dr. Antoine Nasri Messarra          Some lengthy political television programs in Lebanon merely present antagonist positions compelling the spectator to take sides with either one as in a football match. This kind of program constitutes a daily systematic education, based on dependence, subordination, allegiance and controversial positions. The outstanding absent ...

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The Charter of Information and Professional Ethics Towards Behavior Moral Rules in the Practice of Information in Lebanon Contributions and Objectives

Dr. Tony Atallah

Dr. Tony Atallah The laws ruling the information in Lebanon, printed press and audio-visual, are no more sufficient to contain all the moral rules of the media behavior. Therefore, a charter regulating the information profession and enhancing it ethics is necessary. The mere mention of the need of a charter, ...

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