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The Nobel in economics rewards a pioneer of “nudges”


  Richard Thaler becomes one of very few behavioural economists to receive the discipline’s highest honour   NOT long ago, the starting assumption of any economic theory was that humans are rational actors who maximise their utility. Economists summarily dismissed anyone insisting otherwise. But over the past few decades, behavioural ...

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A Declaration of Independence, Sort of, for Catalonia


  BARCELONA, Spain — The Catalan secession crisis took a confusing new turn on Tuesday night, after the leader of Catalonia made a perplexing speech in which he appeared to declare independence from Spain, before immediately suspending that decision to allow for more “dialogue” with leaders in Madrid. For days, ...

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The search for a new foreign policy


  Dr. Hasan Askari Rizvi The recently-concluded foreign minister-level interaction between Pakistan and the United States showed that there are wide gaps in the foreign policy dispositions of the two countries pertaining mainly to Afghanistan, countering terrorism in the region and a framework for bilateral cooperation. The only redeeming feature ...

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