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المكاري كرم مجموعة نجوم صنعوا مجد تلفزيون لبنان

Makary Honors Renowned Lebanese TV Stars

Caretaker Information Minister Ziad Makary honored a new group of stars who contributed to the glory of Lebanese television.

The ceremony began with veteran journalist Souad Karout Al-Ashi, who received a commemorative shield from Makary.

Expressing her gratitude, Al-Ashi thanked the Minister for the recognition, emphasizing its profound impact on her mind and heart, particularly noting the significance of being honored among her fellow journalists.

Next, Makary presented a commemorative shield to renowned actor, Omar Mikati, who expressed deep gratitude to the Minister, highlighting his exemplary conduct and noble character.

Mikati remarked that if all politicians were like the Minister, personal glory wouldn’t matter; rather, the focus would be on what glory one brings to the nation.

Makary also honored veteran artist Hayam Younis, who, upon receiving her commemorative shield, remarked that this was one of the most prestigious occasions honoring genuine artists and creators. She expressed gratitude to the Minister, stating that he reaffirmed the enduring presence and dominance of authentic artistry among the generations.

Concluding the event, Makary emphasized that the aim of the honors was to bring smiles and grant these artists the recognition they deserve, while also emphasizing the importance of educating the younger generation in Lebanon about these stars who enriched their heritage, culture, and media. He stressed the importance of their integration into Lebanon’s history to build a new future.



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