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منال عبد الصمد

Abdel Samad Announces Coroavirus Vaccine Campaign: There Are No Indicators In Sight For Government Birth

Caretaker Minister of Information, Manal Abdel Samad, stressed in an interview with France 24, that “the responsibility for combating the coronavirus pandemic has become a national and collaborative one, not limited to official bodies such as the ministries of health, interior and information, but rather extended to the public and private hospitals [that are asked] to fulfill their duties and accommodate the sick.”


“Responsibility also lies on medical workers and citizens, in addition to the responsibility of the nursing staff and the dispatchers,” she said, underlining “the essential role that the media plays, because accuracy of information prevents people from ‘entering mazes’ or being exposed to misleading information that cause harm more than they do good in such a crisis.”


“Our current message, through private or public media, is aimed at confirming that more than 70% of the infections have been caused by home gatherings or private get-togethers. It is necessary to adopt preventive measures, constantly, such as wearing a mask, social distancing, washing hands and using sterilizers, all of which have proven useful in all circumstances,” Abdel Samad added, noting that the media is raising awareness on the possibility of contracting the virus more than once, and on the downsides of asymptomatic infection cases and the need to be extremely careful.


On the subject of coronavirus vaccines that will arrive in Lebanon, the minister considered “the multiplicity of opinions about the matter a very healthy sign, because it enables us to analyze and form correct opinions. Here lies the role of the Preventive Measures Committee, in merging views and reaching a unified decision which, when effective, would be binding to all.”


“This is a new vaccine that must be marketed, and here lies the role of the Ministry of Information,” she stressed.


Tackling the formation of the government, Abdel Samad saw that “there are no indications in sights as to the birth of the government, which constitutes a great danger to the safety of our institutions and administrations.”


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