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Higher Defense Council Recommends 5-Phase Reopening Plan

The Higher Defense Council on Friday recommended a five-phase plan to reopen the country and end the coronavirus lockdown.

The first phase would begin on April 27, the second on May 4, the third on May 11, the fourth on May 25 and the fifth on June 8, the Council said.

“It is up to Cabinet to specify the economic activities that would be allowed to resume gradually according to the aforementioned phases and in line with specific conditions based on the following standards: contact intensity, number of contacts, (distancing) modification potential, priority level and potential risk,” the Council added.

It also asked all military and security agencies to be strict in suppressing violations in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Health Minister Hamad Hasan meanwhile told the Council that the government’s measures have spared the country a health crisis but noted that the preparedness of the health sector will continue.

“There is a constant need to provide hospitals with the necessary equipment and to maintain PCR tests to reach 75,000 tests according to the international standards,” Hasan added, expecting the results of these tests to be ready by May 10 at the latest.


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