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PM Diab Presides 20-member Government: Names & Portfolios

After around one month of consultations, Prime Minister Hassan Diab concluded the government’s line-up and visited Baabda Palace where he met with President Michel Aoun before the two men signed the formation decree.

The new government is composed of 19 members in addition to the premier:

1. Prime Minister: Hassan Diab

2. Deputy PM and Defense Minister: Zeina Akar

3. Foreign Minister: Nassif Hitti

4. Interior Minister: Mohammad Fahmy

5. Telecommunication Minister: Talal Hawat

6. Education Minister: Tarek Majzoub

7. Environment Minister & Administrative Development: Demianos Kattar

8. Energy Minister: Raymond Ghajar

9. Justice Minister: Mary-Claude Najem

10. Economy Minister: Raul Nehme

11. Minister of Affairs for the Displaced: Ghada Shreim

12. Labor Minister: Lamia Yammine Doueihy

13. Public Works Minister: Michel Najar

14. Youth and Sports Minister: Varti Ohanian

15. Social Affairs and Tourism Minister: Ramzi Msharrafieh

16. Information Minister: Manal Abdel Samad

17. Finance Minister: Ghazi Wazni

18. Agriculture & Culture Minister: Abbas Mortada

19. Health Minister: Hamad Hasan

20. Industry Minister: Imad Hoballah

PM Diab said that his 20-minister government is technocratic, adding that the its main mission will be matching the people demands.

The new government will fight corruption, regain the plundered funds and maintain stability.”

Diab pointed out that he would start a tour to the Arab countries, especially the Gulf one, after his government obtains the parliamentary confidence.


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