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International Support Group for Lebanon urges timely elections

Members of the International Support Group for Lebanon yesterday called on Lebanese politicians to work together to reach a new electoral law and conduct timely elections.
The group urged political leaders to reach “an early compromise, which would present an appropriate electoral framework for Lebanon.”
It also called for “timely, peaceful and transparent parliament elections… that meet the aspirations of the Lebanese,” deeming the polls an “important step to preserve Lebanon’s democratic tradition.”
Parliamentary elections are scheduled for May, however, sharp rift among main political parties on the nature of the voting system that will govern the polls might force a short delay.
ISGL reaffirmed in a statement its commitment to stability and security in Lebanon.
The group was established in 2013 to help Lebanon’s state institutions and military deal with the massive influx of Syrian refugees as well security incidents linked to the Syrian war.

The ISGL brings together the governments of China, France, Germany, Italy, the Russian Federation, the United Kingdom and the United States, as well as the European Union and the Arab League

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