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Hariri to lead Lebanon-Egypt joint-committee in Cairo

Prime Minister Saad Hariri will head to Egypt next month for the first meeting of the Lebanese-Egyptian Joint Higher Committee since 2010, Egypt’s Ambassador to Lebanon announced after meeting with the prime minister Wednesday. “I had the honor of meeting with Prime Minister Hariri to discuss the preparation of upcoming events between the two nations, like the Lebanese-Egyptian Joint Higher Committee that will be headed by the two country’s prime ministers and is scheduled to meet next month,” Egypt’s Ambassador to Lebanon Nazih Najjari said after the meeting.

The committee last met in 2010 when Hariri also represented Lebanon as prime minister. “We are seeking to revitalize the relations in multiple sectors between Egypt and Lebanon. We witnessed this recently when President Michel Aoun visited [Egypt] and such events are in the best interest of both countries,” Najjari said.

Najjari added that there were a large number of issues related to the economic and bilateral relations that the two countries hope to build upon.

The Egyptian Ambassador will attend Thursday’s Lebanese-Egyptian Business Forum that will be held under the patronage of Hariri. The forum is held periodically to discuss trade and investment opportunities between the nations.

“A large number of businessmen will participate and the Egyptian Investment and International Cooperation Minister Sahar Nasr will attend as well,” Najjari said.

He added: “We hope this event will strengthen the relations between the two countries and all this shows the strength of the relationship between Egypt and Lebanon.”

Hariri’s trip to Egypt is scheduled to be his first official visit to a foreign country since being officially appointed as prime minister on Dec. 18, 2016, pending any unannounced visits prior to the trip.

President Aoun visited Cairo and Jordan earlier this month after paying visits to Saudi Arabia and Qatar in what was a sign of warming ties between Lebanon and Arab states.

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